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Crys Noell recommends Zen Brainz Neurofeedback. 

Sandy has been a source of support as I heal from a traumatic brain injury. Her weekly treatments are individualized to my needs. I feel so taken care of and listened to during each treatment.

20 hrs ago

Tiffany Marlow Castro recommends Zen Brainz Neurofeedback. 

 I love Sandy! She is a caring and joyful professional. I always leave her care feeling much better. Anyone who receives treatment from her will love her.Anyone who receives treatment from her will love her. She really believes in what she is doing and genuinely wants to help people improve their lives, health, happiness and well being. You are in great hands.

November, 2

Richard Grenier recommends Zen Brainz Neurofeedback. 

Had my first Neurofeedback session last weekend, was quick, easy and painless. I found out that you can meditate or sleep during this type of Neurofeedback too! Apparently it’s a passive process and the machine does all the work while I sat there. Was really great and will be back soon!

November, 19

Bev Wagner recommends Zen Brainz Neurofeedback. 

Sandy has treated me with Zen Brainz Neurofeedback on 5 occasions. I have chronic widespread pain along with acute fibromyalgia. My pain is managed with multiple different medications and opiate pain relief. I normally have a pain level between 7 to 10. When Sandy was recommended to me I was dubious that having electrodues on my head would help in any way. I was completely wrong! Sandy spent a considerable time talking to me about my health, medications and what she would be doing. At all times she would tell me what was happening with the placement of the electrodes. It is an easy, pain free process. The first thing I noticed after my treatment was how well I slept in the days after. Fatigue and insomnia have plagued my health for years Over the next few sessions I found that I could sleep well, had more energy in the day and had considerably less pain. My pain level has reduced to around a 3 and I have been able to considerably decrease my pain medication. This has been an amazing improvement. From being dubious that this could help, I have become a complete convert and cannot recommend it highly enough.

November, 18

April Thomas recommends Zen Brainz Neurofeedback. 

 Zen Brainz is amazing! Sandy is so knowledgeable and positive. She really listens to her clients. I walk away from sessions able to concentrate more clearly and feel more present. I highly recommend.

November, 8

Gale Clavell recommends Zen Brainz Neurofeedback. 

Sandy is amazing and the treatment really works! I had been having troubles sleeping and the treatments really helped me to fall back asleep and get more restful sleep. I highly recommend Sandy & Zen Brainz Neurofeedback!

November, 18

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